What is Karma

At Karma, we firmly believe that every person possesses an innate desire to do good, but the demands of our fast-paced lives often relegate these intentions to the background. We recognized that the capacity for good knows no bounds; it extends beyond monetary contributions to include the invaluable assets of time and skill. With Karma, we set out to create a platform that breaks down barriers and enables everyone to contribute in meaningful ways – whether through their time, financial support, or unique talents. Our mission is to make goodness accessible and actionable, fostering a world where acts of kindness are celebrated and where collective efforts drive positive change.


Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power of blockchain technology to create a platform that rewards individuals for doing good deeds and encourages them to contribute towards social impact projects. Through Karma tokens, we aim to create a global standard for measuring and recognizing good deeds and altruistic behavior. Our DAO model ensures transparent decision-making and effective allocation of resources towards impactful projects.

Our Values

  • Empowerment: We believe in the innate potential of every individual to effect positive change. By providing a platform that empowers everyone to contribute, we create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

  • Transparency: Our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model ensures that decisions are made collectively and transparently. We prioritize accountability and openness in all our endeavors.

  • Impact: We're committed to directing resources where they matter most. Through strategic allocation and collaboration with impactful projects, we aim to create lasting change in society.

Our Team

We're friendly and approachable people who believe in the power of collaboration. If you're excited about our mission and want to contribute, we encourage you to reach out to us.

These are the members who started the mission

  • Valerio Mellini

    Valerio Mellini

    The Brain

    Valerio Mellini is the brain of the protocol; a seasoned blockchain developer and architect., Valerio has been at the forefront of our technological innovations, driving the development of our platform for the past year.

  • Chrisaman Sood

    Chrisaman Sood

    The Heart

    Chrisaman Sood is the heart of the protocol. His unwavering dedication to giving back to society ignited our mission, beginning with the generous donation of his own artwork for charitable causes.

  • You can be here

    You can be here


    If you resonate with our mission of promoting kindness, altruism, and positive change in society, we invite you to become a part of the Karma community. Our platform thrives on the diverse skills, talents, and ideas contributed by individuals like you.

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