Karma's ESG Commitment

At Karma, we are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles that guide our actions and decisions. These principles are not just buzzwords for us; they are woven into the very fabric of our platform and the way we operate as a company.

Environmental (E): Our dedication to the environment is reflected in the sustainable practices we follow in the development and maintenance of our platform. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly technologies and practices. From reducing energy consumption to using sustainable resources, we are taking steps to protect our planet.

Social (S): Our social commitment is rooted in our belief in the power of collective goodness. We have created a platform that encourages individuals to give back to society by contributing their time, skills, and resources. We promote diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity within our team and the communities we impact. Through Karma, we are fostering a world where kindness and empathy prevail.

Governance (G): Transparent and ethical governance is the cornerstone of Karma. Our decision-making processes are open, fair, and guided by principles of integrity. We prioritize accountability and effective resource allocation through our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). By ensuring sound governance practices, we aim to build trust and confidence among our users and stakeholders.ESG Score: Karma continually evaluates and assesses its ESG performance. We are dedicated to maintaining a high ESG score, indicating our commitment to sustainability, social impact, and ethical governance. Our efforts to improve our ESG performance are ongoing, and we welcome feedback and scrutiny from our community and partners.

How is Karma different from other charity platforms?

Personalized Giving Experience: Unlike traditional charity platforms, Karma allows you to personalize your giving experience. You can choose the cause, NGO, or specific projects that resonate with you the most. Also, you can contribute, not just by money, but your time and skill too. This level of customization empowers you to support the issues that truly matter to you. Transparent Impact: You can track the flow of funds and see the direct impact of your donations. Our smart contract technology ensures that your contributions reach the intended destination securely and with complete transparency. Recognition for Good Deeds: With Karma, each good deed you perform earns you Karma tokens, a symbol of recognition and appreciation. Showcase your Karma tokens on social media and inspire others to join the movement, creating a positive ripple effect in society.

How do I earn Karma tokens?

You can earn Karma tokens by donating a portion of your earnings via the Karma platform. If you're an NFT artist, you can sell your artwork on the Karma marketplace and choose what percentage of the sale goes towards specific causes, such as animal rescue or kids' education, supported by listed NGOs.

How are funds distributed to NGOs and causes?

By utilizing blockchain, we provide a level of transparency and security that traditional systems cannot match We distribute funds through a blockchain-based smart contract directly to the NGO of your choice. With this advanced technology, you can be confident that your donations are allocated exactly as you intended, with no room for any unauthorized distribution. Our smart contract ensures complete transparency, allowing you to track the flow of funds and verify that your contribution is reaching the designated NGO. This decentralized approach eliminates any intermediaries and provides a secure and immutable record of transactions. You can rest assured that your support is making a direct and meaningful impact on the cause you've selected.

I am a small NGO, How can I join the Karma platform?

Create a profile, share your mission, and connect with passionate individuals who are eager to make a difference. Through Karma, you have the opportunity to showcase your organization, its goals, and the impact you're making. Share your social media handles and let the world see the good work you're doing. The more you actively share your good deeds on social media, the greater the chance that individuals will choose to contribute to your cause. By becoming part of the Karma community, you'll tap into a network of like-minded individuals who are ready to support and uplift smaller organizations. Together, we can amplify your mission, raise awareness, and attract the resources needed to drive positive change.

I am neither an NGO nor an artist, doctor, developer, etc. How can I want to contribute towards this mission?

Karma DAO consists of dedicated members who actively cross-check, audit, and verify NGOs on an ongoing basis. This rigorous process ensures that only reputable and trustworthy organizations are listed on our platform. Once an NGO successfully passes the verification process conducted by our members, they receive the prestigious KRM Certification. This certification serves as a mark of trust and authenticity, distinguishing them as reliable organizations making a real difference. Our passionate community members not only verify NGOs but also play a vital role in spreading their message on social media. By sharing the impactful work and initiatives of these verified NGOs, we create greater awareness and inspire others to join the cause. As a member of the Karma community, you have the opportunity to contribute to the verification process. Your involvement and insights can help ensure that only deserving NGOs receive the KRM Certification, fostering a community built on trust and accountability and in turn, you can earn Karma tokens.

How can I get involved with Karma?

Getting involved with Karma is easy! You can start by registering on our website or joining the waitlist to be notified when the platform is available. Once you're onboard, explore the various ways you can contribute your time, skills, or resources to make a positive impact.